Internship Program

Since 2003, we have incorporated the talent of local college Business and Finance majors into our investment research process.

As part of an effort to include in-house environmental and social governance screens to our research base, we now also seek students majoring in Natural Resources, Natural Sciences, or Environmental Studies or similar disciplines.

A distinctive feature about our internship program that we are particularly excited about is the opportunity to bring future corporate executives together with future environmentalists and see them working toward a common goal.

Intern Justin Rosenberg

Meet Justin Rosenberg

A recent graduate from the University of Vermont, Justin majored in Business Administration: Finance, and minored in Economics. His project was focused on the historical perspective and history of Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) which is now migrating toward impact investing. He examined valuations of Apple, IBM, Oracle and Cisco. He attended several seminars and enjoyed having conversations with our clients. His impressive research and final report will be of value to him as he seeks his first employment opportunity as a graduate.

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