Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy provides clients with a vision, focus, and clarity.

We believe in the preservation of capital. We believe in providing consistent performance.

We like to help our clients make money.

We seek out value opportunities throughout various industries. We do this through research and proprietary screening techniques.

In any business climate, there are investments that provide stability and long term growth.

We look for companies that have proven financial track records and the ability to efficiently move product or service innovation to the consuming world markets.

We believe the new economy will continue to provide unprecedented opportunities through biotechnology, electronic commerce and wireless communications.

We judge the ability of a company to deliver, distribute, and manufacture a product on time and on budget.

We maintain vigilance in assessing new tax laws for those clients who have a sensitivity to such issues and are prepared to work in tandem with tax professionals on your behalf.

We stress diversification of assets to decrease overall risk within the portfolio, especially in volatile economic environments.

Our approach is consistent, patient, and prudent.