We all have little time to organize and track our accounts. After numerous moves, many people have multiple banking, brokerage, and retirement accounts-many of which provide reporting and tracking on-line only, while others are still providing statements through the mail. At InTrack Investment Management, our portfolio management system organizes our clients’ assets in a cohesive manner, prices them daily, and reports regularly.

Our clients know that we take the time to ask the right questions.

As your investment manager we will regularly demonstrate the importance and value of actively managing your investment account. We will consider your retirement plan holdings. Are all of your assets risk balanced? Can your asset allocation be better? Are you exposed appropriately to foreign markets? Are you overexposed in any one sector?

As an independent, unbiased money manager, we utilize many outside data services. What makes us unique is how we leverage this information to effectively manage accounts. It is not enough to just pull data from market resources, but rather, it is critical to understand how certain organizations actually calculate their numbers. We then export this data to spread sheets that create portfolios for clients, which mirror their investment objectives.

Rather than using one source, we scour the industry to find resources that are reliable, consistent and respected. We have the flexibility to use those firms that can adapt to changing trading environments. Our trading partners invest heavily in software developments to be sure their information systems and infrastructure are current with the latest technology. These institutions train and motivate their people to deliver quality service to our firm and clients. Our partners in this process have data backup systems, contingency plans in case of disaster, and secure encryption technology to protect your private non-public information.

Finding investment information is not an issue for most of us since we all get more information that we can review. Today, we use systems to filter specific information to assist us in making investment decisions. With a thoughtful process, we perform in a timely fashion for the benefit of our clients’ investment objectives.