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Question: How do you manage all aspects of your investments?

The solution: InTrack Investment Management, Inc.

As an independent investment advisor, InTrack Investment Management assists clients in reaching their financial goals. We do not profit from commission sales of prepackaged products nor do we provide in-house brokerage services. For the benefit of our clients, we do negotiate favorable custodial and brokerage charges through institutional relationships.

We manage assets for high net worth individuals, families and trusts. Over time, we have grown by helping clients understand, identify, and commit to long term investment objectives. Our clients have grown to appreciate our investment process, the way we build lasting financial relationships, and our personal commitment. Our services provide convenience, control and security.

To alleviate confilicts of interest, we are a fee based investment manager whose rate of compensation is a percentage of assets under management. We are also able to provide negotiated fees based upon your requirements. For further information please contact us.

Our investment perspectives are rooted in actual experience- such as being directly involved in consumer product management. Some of us have been part of a management team that revolutionized the design/specification industry for open office systems furniture. Other members of our team have worked for large mutual fund companies, consistently assessed risk in bond acquisitions, served as investment officers in banks, even sold insurance products for many years.

In short, our team has been on the front line of business. Our diversity of experience enables us to bring a collective capacity that can bring focus, perspective and value to clients.

Jan Peltzer


InTrack Investment Management, Inc.