Valuation Process

Our investment process requires an in-depth review of your need for income, growth and flexibility. We work with you to determine an investment approach to enable you to reach your financial goals. Because circumstances and desires can change, we reassess your financial strategies on a regular basis.

Early in your relationship with us, we will:

  • Review your assets
  • Explore your financial history
  • Probe your risk profile
  • Establish your time horizon
  • Discuss your expectations.


We then will review the available investment options which will enable us to meet these expectations:

  • Equities/Stocks - small, and mid-size companies, as well as large corporations
  • Fixed Income/Bonds - municipal, U.S. government, and other high quality issues
  • Mutual Funds - equity and fixed income.


While reviewing the investment options, it is important to keep in mind that the economic cycle of our country is now attached to the world, so that internationally, we must review exposures that companies may have globally.

Active asset allocation allows us to reduce risk with diversification. You will experience regular, well structured communications which creates a shared understanding of strategies.

We utilize industry contacts, friends, and financial relationships built over the last three decades to check on our assumptions and ideas. Contact with other money managers, attendance at conventions, and never ending learning keeps InTrack Investment Management, Inc. in a position to make informed investment decisions.